5.2.1.- Quality and environmental policy


Our quality and environmental policy is based on the following principles:

-     The Customer is an essential and key element of our company. Knowing its needs, requirements and judgements, current and future ones are fundamental to satisfy him.

-     The quality of our profiles is measured, to exceed the expectations of the customers in all aspects and tasks of our business. Achieving this goal ensures leadership on our aim towards excellence.

-     Further, we are able to do joint work with the customer in the improvement of all types of profiles, to reach all the types of sectors and markets.

-     Competitiveness is absolutely necessary for the permanence of the company in the market. Therefore, we focus on customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and global optimization of resources.

-    We bet on the path of continuous improvement as a guarantee of the future. Our goal is to reduce errors and the causes that produce them looking for the “zerodefect”. To do this, we apply the cycle planning, implementation and evaluation, trying to make things right without reprocesses, which means that the quality is the task and responsibility of every one.

-    To help us in meeting the needs of the Customer we work together with our suppliers, thus obtaining mutual benefits.

-     Provide the necessary resources to increase occupational Health and Safety and avoid accidents. Likewise, special emphasis is placed on avoiding the use of products that could harm the environment, complying with legal and regulatory requirements.

-    The motivation of the staff is fundamental to reach the quality objectives. CAESA evaluates the degree of satisfaction, taking into account aspects such as the environment, promotion, making staff aware of the importance of their activity and how it contributes to the achievement of the Quality Objectives.

       -    “Meeting the needs and expectations of our Customers in accordance with the

              cost and benefits of CAESA.”

CAESA, manifests itself and assumes the commitment to the environment and the society in general, to develop its activities progressively and continuously improving the indicators chosen for this purpose and developing respect for the environment, preventing pollution, to the extent that it is possible.


To this end it shall act on the basis of the following environmental principles:


-      Adopt the action and control measures necessary to know, prevent and progressively improve the environmental impacts of the company’s activity.


-      Comply with applicable environmental legal requirements and voluntary environmental commitments.


To promote the training and environmental information of those people involved in the management and processes of CAESA, through appropriate programs. As a minimum, the “policy of quality and environment”. In addition, this policy can be found on the CAESA website and in the company’s information panels.


-      Encourage external and internal environmental communication. For this, suggestions and proposals can be done to the Responsible for the Environment, through letter, e-mail, etc.


-      Measure, review and correct compliance with CAESA’s environmental principles.









-      We are a company specialized in the production of special profiles hot-rolled and / or cold-drawn, focused on the business special profiles , with a growing presence in the foreign markets.

-      Our objective is to provide our customers with a quality service in a responsible and efficient manner, providing profitability , promoting the professional training of employees, establishing equal opportunities between men and women to the extent that the activity it allows. Accompanying the development of the social environments in which we operate and using sustainable natural resources necessary for our activity.

-      We work on proximity concepts, for example in the choice of suppliers, we promote and facilitate the organization of the work and private life of our employees, as well as having issues of mobility.

-      We are aware that the balanced fulfillment of our economic, social and environmental responsibilities, based on criteria of sustainability are essential for the maintenance of our current position of increase and its reinforcement for the future.

-      The   Commitments for sustainable development   constitute the guide and foundation of our behavior in this field.

-      Its compliance is expressly promoted by the Company’s Management.   Each of us who work on it or on its behalf are responsible ,this is the  reason that we transfer them to our suppliers in our relationships

-      These commitments are completely integrated in our daily work and are constantly subject to review and improvement by the Management and all those involved in its implementation.

-       The Managing Director of CAESA undertakes to review annually the commitments made through the objectives and targets and its policy for its updating in the framework of the review by the Management.



Mr. Nicolas Alarcon

Managing Director


Caldes de Montbui ,   February 2017