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In Caesa we also offer additional services in addition to the production of the profiles. These are processes that are used to optimize the surface appearance of our products.  


CAESA has a facility for the mechanical shotblasting the steel profile bars. 

The shotblasting method is used in the final hot rolling process and a cleaner profile surface is achieved.  

It is also a production process used in cold drawing. It aids to achieve a surface free of scale after the preform hot rolling or the heat treatment processes on the bars before the later cold drawing. 

Shotblasting process

The shotblasting technique consists of applying jets of steel balls (called shot) on the surface of the profile bars. This process provides a surface cleaning from scale or impure elements caused during the previous processes. 

Shotblasting and heat treatment

This process helps to improve the carbon Steel surface once it is hot rolled. When shotblasting, an overall, homogenous, and smoother surface is created. 

Shotblasting is an additional process we can offer to the rough hot rolled profiles for those products which require a better surface aspect for aesthetic purposes, or also if the material must be submitted to later processes, for instance the zinc plating made by the final customers.   


The rotofinishing, also known as trumbling, allows to offer an optimum finish to the cut profile pieces that after being cleaned in a facility with stones, come out free from burrs and with an improved and polished surface. 

Cut of Steel bars to pieces

Another additional process we offer in CAESA is saw cutting to the desired length. For this purpose, we require a customer drawing with the indication of the wished piece width. Once the hot rolling or cold drawing process is finished, we will cut the bars to the desired length in pieces (blanks) that will finally be rotofinished.

Special cold drawn tubes from OSBORN METALS

We make available to our customers the collaboration that we have had for years with  Osborn Metals.

Osborn offers cold drawn tubular special profiles and precision tubes. Osborn is specialised in the production of high performance and customized precision tubing in steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and aluminium profiles. All the products accomplish with the highest quality standards. Our cooperation with Osborn Metals makes it possible that we can also offer this product directly to our customers.  

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