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In Caesa we offer tailor made steel profile solutions for each customer since 1946.


Special profiles

We produce tailor made profiles for each customer.
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Hot rolled

We have the necessary facilities for the hot rolling of Steel profiles.
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Cold drawn

We have the necessary cold drawing facilities to produce the profiles with an accurate quality.
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Other processes

We offer other services for Steel like the shotblasting, saw cut of the profiles and we also can offer cold drawn tubes.
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We are special profile suppliers

Since our foundation, 76 years ago, we have been innovating in machinery and productive processes in order to offer an efficient and flexible service for the supply of each special profile in Caldes de Montbui, Barcelona.  

Thanks our historical experience in the steel manufacturing and transformation industries, we know many specifications in different markets and the requirements of our customers. Therefore, we can help and assist you. 

Caesa’s priority is the total satisfaction of each customer.  

For this purpose, we work closely together from the first moment to offer the best solution in specific steel raw materials solutions. We assist you as soon as you get in touch with us to achieve the optimal product in each project.  

Product diversity

We are specialized in hot rolled and cold drawn special profiles.

Quality certificates

We are ISO 14001 (Environment), ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 (automotive) certified from Bureau Veritas Quality International.

Engineering and Laboratory

We have our internal engineering office and quality assurance team as well us our laboratory in order to offer exact and accurate results.

Close communication

From the very first moment we take care of the communication and relationship with our customers. Our experience in local and international markets permits us to communicate in an effective way.

Carbon Steel solutions

We manage each order and production process of the steel profiles in an accurate way taking the drawing as a base and the technical specifications of each client. We ensure that each process meets the established parameters, always respecting the quality and the ordered requirements from the first moment.  

We are focused on special profiles in steel, alloyed and non-alloyed. You can get in touch with us to know your requirements and the solutions we can offer. 

Different carbon steel grades
Varied geometrical shapes
Tailor made solutions
Minimum quantities

Hot rolling

The hot rolled profiles are obtained starting from a massive square Steel raw material called billet.

After cutting this raw material to a specific length, it is heated up in the furnace at a high temperature, descaled with water pressure and later shaped with different passes until the final shape is reached. The profile is then cooled down to be straightened and then cut at the wished length by the customer and final deburring


In this process , round Steel bars are used as a raw material in different diameters or wire in coils of minor diameters that through traction do a cold drawing through dies in our cold drawing benches in order to get the wished shape with tight and adjusted tolerances as also an optimized Surface and rugosity.

This technology consists in doing one or different cold drawing phases according to the final shape needed by the customer.


Proceses like shotblasting and trumbling that allow to improve the Surface appearance of our products.

Properties of steel profiles

In our company we plan, execute and evaluate each production process in order to improve our procedures continuously.  

We also innovate in the development of new profiles and the evolution of our production processes. 

In addition, we conduct feasibility product tests to ensure that the product is optimal for each customer. 

The profiles are steel bars that are processed to achieve a specific geometrical shape. For this purpose, two different processes are used: Hot rolling and /or cold drawing.  

The special sections provide great advantages at industrial level due to the possibilities that they offer. There are a lot of products produced from special profiles in steel. For example, guides, clutch hubs, hydraulic fittings, turntables, door hinges, metallic structures, among many others… 

Sectors where special profiles are used

Steel profiles offer big solutions for many different sectors, and their application is very varied.  


Let us know your project and we will turn it into reality

We just require a drawing or sketch of the special profile you need, the technical characteristics and we will shape it. In CAESA we aim to offer quality results.