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Special Profiles

CAESA, experts in special profiles since 1946 at domestic and international level.


Special profiles in steel, our expertise

In CAESA we produce solid special profiles in steel.  

For this purpose, we have state of the art facilities. Our experience in this field, producing special shapes, started 75 years ago.  

Through our experienced technicians, we conduct feasibility studies in order to guarantee that the profile is feasible in our facilities.  


Raw material storage


Heating and hot rolling


Cold drawing, straightening and cut.


Storage and shipment.

¿How is a special profile produced?

Our working process is methodic and systematic. In order to check your requirements, we need the following information: 

Profile drawing

Technical specifications and steel grade

Year volume

Once we know your project, we can offer you the most appropriate processes in order to produce your special profiles. With this information, our team makes a feasibility study. 

Tailor made special profiles

We design the necessary processes for each profile in an accurate way and accomplishing all the quality standards. We produce special dimensions and tailor-made dimensions according to the needs and requirements of each customer. 

Different processes of the special profiles

The special profiles in steel can be produced with different processes. On the one hand, cold drawing and on the other one, hot rolling.  

Depending on the needs of the customer and the use of the profile itself, we use one production process or the other in order to achieve the desired special profile. They are produced with different shapes, lengths, carbon steel grades, straightening and torsion requirements and surface tolerances.  

State of the art machinery in order to produce the profiles

Our facilities have specialized machinery for each process. Thanks to this, this we can optimize all the production process.  

We have a long experience in the production of special profiles in steel. We will be glad to assist you and shape your customized needs. 

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We are experts in special profiles in carbon steel. We will be very pleased to assist you.