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Cookies policy

Types of cookies

  • Own cookies: Are those that are sent to the user’s computer from a computer or domain managed by the editor itself and from which the user-requested service is provided.
  • Third party cookies: Are those that are sent to the user’s computer from a machine or domain that is not managed by the editor, but by another entity that obtain the data through cookies.
  • Session cookies: these are temporary cookies that expire at the end of a browser session; that is, when you leave the site. Session cookies allow the website to recognise you as you navigate between pages during a single browser session and allow you to use the website most efficiently. For example, session cookies enable a website to remember that a user has placed items in an online shopping basket.
  • Persistent cookies:  in contrast to session cookies, persistent cookies are stored on your equipment between browsing sessions until expiry or deletion. They therefore enable the website to “recognise” you on your return remember your preferences and tailor services to you.
  • Analysis cookies: AretThose that are well treated by this site or by third parties, allowing the site to quantify the number of users and make statistical analysis of the use made by users of the service provided.
  • Technical cookies: They are necessary for navigation. Without them, the page would not work properly.
  • Configuration cookie: Aret hose that allow page recognizes the user’s language, font size etc.

CAESA reserves the right to update and remove web page content, and to limit or impede access, either temporarily or definitively, without prior notice.

The whole or partial reproduction, copy, distribution, sale, public communication or any other activity involving the content and information of this web page without express authorisation from CAESA constitutes a breach punishable in accordance with current legislation.

CAESA rejects any liability with regards to information contained in web pages it is not responsible for, particularly the content of any external websites linked to from its web page.

CAESA shall not be liable for any damages of any kind deriving from the collection and use by third parties of any information, advertising or opinions provided by the users of the web page, nor shall it be in any way liable for any content, information or images which are not part of the web page or are not managed by CAESA.